“The analytics CDP is delivering are improving growth and profit across the entire operation.”

– Paul Turnbull, Commercial Manager Operations, Sanford Limited

CDP consultants have improved the way more than 100 of New Zealand’s leading organisations do business

We design and develop analytics, planning and data integration solutions that drive insight into your business and in doing so, we greatly enhance our customers’ abilities to make high-impact and factually informed decisions. From modern analytics architectures through to fast & agile delivery – we nurture & develop a deep level of expertise within our team. Dashboards, data lakes & financial forecasting are what we do.

data integration & engineering

We gather & combine all your sources of data to create a modern data platform built for agile analytics. Partner with us to turn the promise of ‘big data’ into a robust, secure data lake. Give your lines-of-business the ability to react quickly & power-up their evidence-based decision making. Enable data discovery & data wrangling across large, disparate sources of mixed & unstructured formats. Our specialist consultants are gurus in handling your data, understanding your current structures’ and re-organising its ingestion & processing. This saves you a huge amount of lost productivity in data preparation and pre-processing, so that you can focus your valuable time on analysing vast amounts of data quickly and gaining actionable intelligence.

dashboards & visualisation

Present your data in a highly visual way that shows patterns and issues immediately. Track all the metrics that matter. Make high-impact and factually informed decisions. We make it easy for you to understand your information, interact with it and see what actions are required. Our consultants are expert at delivering self-service analytics, dashboards, scorecards and reports for your line-of-business people. We believe that your essential KPI’s and metrics should be accessible anywhere & in real-time; delivered on your mobile or based in the cloud; giving you intuitive & agile analytics quickly.

planning & forecasting

We offer fast & flexible planning solutions that give you forward-looking foresight. Remove the time consuming & error prone process of consolidating multiple spreadsheets. Adapt & adjust quickly through driver-based spreading & allocations. Focus on your future outlook with scenarios, versions & what-if models. Spend more time analysing and advising, and less time compiling your budgets and forecasts. We are proven providers of analytics with a financial edge – our solutions are practical, useful and driven by the needs of the users.