Performance Plan for Analytics

Our Performance Plan for Analytics is a structured, user-focused approach that identifies your essential KPI requirements, correlates them against existing metrics and creates a prioritised roadmap of alignment.

Core steps:

  • Business understanding of the analytics required to drive insights now and into the future – focused on key stakeholders and senior management
  • Assessment of the current metric availability
  • Technical understanding of the existing analytics architecture and environment
  • Alignment of your data assets to modernise your analytics strategy.

As part of the process we conduct one on one interviews where core supporting information is collected using templated questions to draw out the business and technical understanding. This is supplemented with technical reviews as required.

Once captured, all this information and understanding is presented back as a templated performance plan providing you a road map of prioritised quick-win deliveries that move you towards the target state.

Our approach is also scalable depending on how broad the engagement needs to be, or how many stakeholders are required to be engaged with.

A Performance Plan “First Steps” engagement only takes around 5 days, typically with a prioritised work package of around 15 days. It’s a fantastic way to show business value quickly & build confidence in a repeatable approach.


If you would like to discuss a Performance Plan for your organisation